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Labour hire and Personnel solutions 

Personal service, the right talent, and value-based pricing. It is one, two, Threasy.

Threasy makes your recruitment, labour hire, and payroll easier by providing a direct line between the talent required to meet your need. We invest in people and relationships for the long term.  

Threasy is personally owned and operated by John Plumidis (LLM (ANU), LLB (Hons) (ANU), B Actuarial S (ANU)).  John is a Canberra lawyer with over 15 years experience working with and alongside high achievers, particularly in the legal sector. He concurrently operates and owns boutique legal practice Apollo.Law (  Threasy is a brand of Apollo.Law.

Start a conversation with us today on and 0433 099 070.

personal service

From first quotation and throughout the term of the engagement, your first and direct point of contact is John Plumidis, principal and owner of Apollo.Law. 

value-based pricing

Timesheets are the “resource” aspect of a human resource solution. Threasy provides people. We build relationships and enhance workplace culture.


Threasy maintains a small, highly curated list of labour hire resources and professional mentors. “Measure twice and cut once” to make the optimal placement.

Solutions for Government  

Threasy services comply with Commonwealth Procurement Rules and WoAG requirements for Commonwealth NCCEs & CCEs, and is an SME (small to medium enterprise) for procurement purposes.

For labour hire arrangements via existing Commonwealth panels, Threasy has partnerships with panel entities. 

Small and medium enterprise 

Flexibly contract in expertise.

Increase your service offering to clients by partnering with Threasy. Provide your clients the services they need on-demand, without incurring the high overhead of onboarding new employees. 


Personal service.

Value-based pricing.

The right talent.

One, two, Threasy.


By appointment, via your preferred online platform or at one of our serviced office locations. We subscribe to Zoom, Google Meet, and MS Teams.


0433 099 070

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Apollo Law Pty Ltd trading as Threasy ABN 36 635 631 622.